Camila Cabello Gushes Over Shawn Mendes - He ‘Feels Like Home’

Camila Cabello Gushes Over Shawn Mendes - He ‘Feels Like Home’
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It sounds like Camila Cabello is really happy with Shawn Mendes! The songstress gushed over her boyfriend during a new interview, saying some really sweet things about him and their romance.

The star also teased her album titled Romance and revealed that it was all inspired by her ‘first serious relationship.’

So everything suggests that Camila is in the best place both in her love life as well as her career!

During her chat with ITV’s Lorraine, Camila gushed that ‘I’m so happy. I have known him for such a long time and I don’t know, he just feels like home to me. Yeah, I am really happy.’

She went on to say that her professional life stopped her from falling in love before leaving her teen years.

‘I literally didn't have time… because I was working all the time. I was single for basically, 20 years,’ she confessed, explaining that her solo album was written with the help of just her imagination.

The same cannot be said about her upcoming album however.

The celeb dished that the title is very telling as to what it’s going to be all about.

‘It was inspired by… I was just in my first serious relationship at the beginning of this album. That is what inspired ‘Romance’ and it being about falling in love. All the stories are just my life and what has happened in the last two years.’

This comes only days after she confessed in a previous interview that she loves Shawn.

The two have most likely been together since their collab single, Senorita, dropped.

The music video for the song is filled with PDA and definitely showcased their intense chemistry.

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