Camila Cabello Gets Candid About Her Struggles With Anxiety Amid Shawn Mendes Romance Rumors

Camila Cabello Gets Candid About Her Struggles With Anxiety Amid Shawn Mendes Romance Rumors
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Camila Cabello got candid about her struggle with anxiety on Sunday afternoon, as romance rumors with Shawn Mendes heat up .

For weeks now Cabello and Mendes have been spotted in public getting cozy with each other. They have sparked romance rumors since they first worked together, but now it appears there could be some truth to them.

As her personal life becomes more public, Cabello is opening up about her mental health battle.

"I never ever sang in front of my parents or friends and would get flustered when they would ask me to, I sang in my room when my parents left for Walmart and cried when one day, I saw them filming me through the crack of the door. I was generally incredibly nervous and socially anxious when I was little; and people always have this look of disbelief when I tell them that," the 22-year-old began her Instagram message.

Cabello, like so many other people, endured severe anxiety. On the outside, she comes across as having a perfect life, but on the inside, the singer was suffering.

The 'Never Be The Same' singer admitted at times she feels there are two of her. One who wants to stay inside and hide because of her intense fear of the unknown and one who pushes her to live life to its fullest.

Cabello admitted, over the years, she learned the right tools to help her through the pain.

"I felt like sharing because I think sometimes, we see other people do things and think, "Ah, well, that's just not me. I've never been like that." It's NOT TRUE. I'm telling you. ile I went from never wanting to sing in front of my family to being addicted to performing, from being too anxious to hang out with new people to still being a little anxious but having THE BEST time and making irreplaceable memories," she shared.

Camila Cabello ended her Instagram messages revealing her struggle with anxiety by sharing how far she has come. She reminds her followers to choose who they want to become, as well as encourages fans to force themselves to do what they fear always.

The singer wants her fans to take charge of what makes them afraid and face it head-on. Cabello's words are powerful, and her story is resonating with so many people.

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