Camila Cabello Dishes On Her Upcoming Album - Romance

Camila Cabello Dishes On Her Upcoming Album - Romance
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According to a report from Just Jared, Camila Cabello recently announced more details regarding her upcoming record, Romance ! The 22-year-old singer spoke with the hosts of The Morning Mashup on SiriusXM Hits 1, and she dished on the emotional significance of her newest music.

According to Camila, her songs will have a more "personal" vibe to them, mostly on account of the fact that she's writing them. The star said to the hosts of the SiriusXM Radio Show that it's easy to get more in detail because she's "living a lot more" these days as well.

Moreover, the star addressed a headline which accused her of "smooching like she was in a rom-com." The star jokingly said to the hosts of the show that if you're going to kiss someone, it might as well be passionate, like a romantic-comedy, rather than a "boring drama."

Ms. Cabello also revealed what it's like to rent an apartment in New York City, which marked the very first time she has lived by herself. She stated to the journalists that she feels like "Carrie Bradshaw," and goes for a walk in the park on a regular basis.

"That was the most fun," according to Cabello, and her place is in a good location. As fans of the singer/songwriter know, Camila and Shawn Mendes have been stirring up rumor and speculation on social media after they've been spotted kissing in public on a number of occasions.

Two months ago, TMZ managed to capture a photo of Shawn and Camila having a coffee together on a Saturday morning in San Francisco. Previously, Shawn actually dished on why he was choosing to keep romance details out of the media spotlight.

Paraphrasing what Shawn said to a room full of fans, he prefers to stay quiet about their relationship out of respect for the other person. Mendes made his insinuation by stating, "there's another person in the relationship."

Even though many fans are entirely convinced they're dating, and there's a lot of evidence to suggest so, some people online believe that it's all just a ruse to promote their music together. Shawn and Camila recently released their song, "Senorita."

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