Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes - Inside Their Plans For Thanksgiving And Christmas!

Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes - Inside Their Plans For Thanksgiving And Christmas!
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It sounds like things between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are going great! Not too long ago, the songstress even raved about that very moment she realized the other singer was ‘more than a friend.’

Their romance was more of a summer fling in the beginning as well but it’s safe to say that it’s definitely evolved way past that!

With that being said, it sounds like the performing couple is getting ready to spend the holidays together, starting with Thanksgiving and it turns out that they have really big plans for it!

One insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Camila and Shawn are in love, they both really want to spend the holidays together. Their schedules are jam-packed so they don’t have a lot of time over the Thanksgiving break but they’re working the logistics so that they can have some sort of Thanksgiving together this year, even if they need to celebrate a little early.’

Both of them are set to be at the American Music Awards tonight and that’s only a few days away from Thanksgiving, which is on the 28th this year.

That being said, Shawn is currently still on the road for his world tour that is scheduled to kick its South American leg the day after the holiday and wrap up on December 21, just days before Christmas!

The source went on to dish that ‘Shawn has to be in Brazil the day after Thanksgiving and then he’s on tour until right before Christmas. He’s invited Camila to go with him for however long she can but she’s got her own shows to do and a ton of things on her schedule so she’s not sure if she can make that work. But one way or another they are for sure going to celebrate Thanksgiving together.’

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