Cameron Douglas Calls Candid Interview With Dad Michael ‘Really Healing’

Cameron Douglas Calls Candid Interview With Dad Michael ‘Really Healing’
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Cameron Douglas is calling the candid Diane Sawyer interview he did with his famous dad, Michael Douglas healing.

Father and son appeared for a raw interview with Sawyer regarding Cameron's decades-long battle with drugs. It aired Tuesday night to concede with the upcoming release of his memoir, Long Way Home.

After being so vulnerable with Sawyer, Cameron stopped by Good Morning America Wednesday to open up even more. He expanded on the emotions that came with finally being raw and real about his struggle with drugs.

"Seeing my family, my father and I doing that segment, was actually really healing for us. We were talking about things that we would never talk about, just him and I together. And so that was a beautiful thing that came out of that," Cameron shared with GMA anchor, Michael Strahan.

Cameron is pleased to know the relationship he has with his father is healing, There was a time at the height of Cameron's addiction, Michael had to emotionally detach from his oldest child. The actor had to pull away to protect himself and the rest of his family.

"That was one of the hardest things that I have ever heard. But the truth is my family, they never gave up on me. And although, you know, there came a point when they had to pull back there does come a point where, unfortunately, you have to just let nature take its course and let that person either land or not," Cameron expressed.

In his memoir, Cameron dishes on living a privileged life in Hollywood to becoming a thief to support his drug habit. A seven-year stint in prison and the love of his family, eventually helped Cameron get sober.

"The love and support that they've shown me was enough to make me want to pull through and be a good person," he said of his family.

Michael Douglas is rebuilding his relationship with his son Cameron Douglas. The Basic Instinct star is overjoyed to be at a point in his life where can take a breath regarding his oldest son. There was a time Michael believed he would get a phone call telling him that Cameron had died from a drug overdose.

Cameron is hoping his book with help other people and their families dealing with drug addiction.

"I can't go back and change some of the pain and wreckage that I've caused, but what I can do is try to take that and make it useful. That was the impetus for this book and that's what I hope it ends up doing I hope it ends up helping people," he explained on GMA .

Long Way Home is now available for purchase online and in stores wherever books are sold.


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