Cameran Eubanks Denies Rumors That Her Husband's Infidelity Led To Her Southern Charm Exit, As Alleged Mistress Claims She's Been 'Wrongfully Accused'

Cameran Eubanks Denies Rumors That Her Husband's Infidelity Led To Her Southern Charm Exit, As Alleged Mistress Claims She's Been 'Wrongfully Accused'
Credit: Source: Twitter

After Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks revealed earlier this week that she wouldn’t be returning to the Bravo reality series for Season 7, a report surfaced that claimed Eubanks quit the show because her husband, Jason Wimberly, was having an affair.

Eubanks quickly took to Instagram to shut down the report, writing that she made her decision to leave Southern Charm months ago, and it had “absolutely nothing to do with ridiculous and fake” rumors about her husband’s alleged infidelity.

The 36-year-old - who has been a main cast member on Southern Charm since the show debuted in 2014 - said that her plan was to issue a “kind statement” about her decision to leave, but she changed her mind after the “insidious rumors” surfaced.

“While upsetting, it sadly doesn’t surprise me as this is what reality television has come to nowadays and a large reason why I kept my marriage off the air,” she wrote. “You must protect what is sacred to you. Some things aren’t worth a big paycheck.”

According to All About The Tea , Eubanks left the Bravo series because she didn’t want her husband’s affair exposed by co-star Kathryn Dennis. The outlet claimed that Wimberly has been having an affair for two years with a Charleston, South Carolina makeup artist named Rebecca Leigh Wash.

In her post, Eubanks said that what upsets her the most is that Wimberly has been “falsely dragged into this.” She explained that her husband has always supported her filming the show, but he never wanted any part of the spotlight.

“I can’t get too upset though because this is what you sign up for when you put life on reality TV … and why I’m getting out of it now,” wrote Eubanks.

Wash has also broken her silence about the alleged affair. In a lengthy Instagram statement, Wash wrote that she had been “wrongfully accused” of having a relationship with Wimberly. She said that she has never met Eubanks or Wimberly, and the hurtful accusations are “blatant unfounded lies” that have shaken her to her core.

Wash said that she isn't a religious follower of Southern Charm , but as a Charleston resident it is impossible to not know who the cast of the show is.

“I have never laid eyes or interacted with Jason Wimberly, Cameran, or anyone in their beautiful family other than on television,” wrote Wash, who also claimed that Kathryn Dennis was the source of the rumor.

On her Instagram Stories, Cameran Eubanks reposted Wash’s words and wrote that it was “so sad that this kind, beautiful and innocent girl had to be drug into the mud.”

"I signed up for this by being on TV. She didn't. Rebecca Wash is the victim here,” wrote Eubanks.


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