Cameran Eubanks Confirms She Won't Return To Southern Charm Next Season

Cameran Eubanks Confirms She Won't Return To Southern Charm Next Season
Credit: Source: Twitter

Southern Charm OG cast member Cameran Eubanks has revealed that she is not returning to the Bravo reality show for Season 7. The 37-year-old shared the news in the comments section of a recent Instagram post.

On Tuesday, Eubanks posted a pic of her with friends, including fellow Southern Charmer Patricia Altschul, and in the caption she wrote: “Remember going out to eat with friends?! Can’t wait until we can do it again. ❤️@pataltschul @eddieirions I miss our dates!”

In the comments section, a fan wrote that they missed Southern Charm and asked Eubanks when she would be back for Season 7. The Bravolebrity simply replied: “I will not be returning.”

This is a big change from what Eubanks said last November at BravoCon 2019. At the time, she told Us Weekly that being part of Southern Charm since it’s 2014 premiere has been “nuts,” but it’s also been “really fun and interesting” to watch her co-stars grow in different ways.

“Season 7 is going to be a very high opening season in terms of, you will see that some people have made some big strides in growth and some have stayed the same. Sadly,” said Eubanks, who added that her husband Jason Wimberly might be back again for Season 7 after making his first cameo in Season 6.

Eubanks said in November that Wimberly was in the last episode of Season 6 and things went well. She also described her husband as being “shy and private,” but now that he was more comfortable he might be a bigger part of Season 7.

It isn’t clear what has changed between then and now, but Eubanks’ co-star Craig Conover did confirm that they were forced to shut down filming for Season 7 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conover called shutting down production “a bummer” during an unprecedented situation, and it was starting to feel like the cast was getting back to their roots. Last month, he said that filming the new season had been “very organic and transparent” after they took a long break between seasons.

Conover explained that everyone came into the new season “full steam ahead,” so things got “pretty wild” and there was “a lot of drama."

“Everyone basically kept what was going on in their lives and the cameras showed up and started to catch all the drama that happens in our everyday life. It was really good,” said Conover.

Bravo has not yet released a statement about Southern Charm Season 7. There are no details available about a premiere date or who will be part of the full-time cast.


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