Cameran Eubanks Confirms Reports That Producers Are Desperate To Make Drama On Southern Charm After Ratings Slip

Cameran Eubanks Confirms Reports That Producers Are Desperate To Make Drama On Southern Charm After Ratings Slip
Credit: Source: Bravo

Cameran Eubanks is out at Southern Charm. The usual voice of reason who also serves as narrator to the Bravo show has had enough with the drama that comes from being on a reality show.

Tamara Tattles reported that producers told the stars of the show that they have to amp up their storylines for the upcoming season. This may be due to the low ratings Southern Charm received with the departure of Thomas Ravenel.

It appears that Eubanks was just not going to sell her soul to make a dollar -- or many dollars considering the hefty payday the main stars receive from the show.

Tattles reported: '[Producer] Aaron [Rothman] sat everyone down and told them that they all had to bring it or this would be their last season. “Bringing it” in these Bravo reality shows means a lot of below the belt arguments, and the airing of everyone’s dirty laundry. Cameran was specifically tasked with being the bone carrier and keep everyone worked up and paranoid about what the other were up to. Tamara Tattles exclusive source says that Cameran got wind that Aaron was going to have someone come for her and her dirty laundry, she opted not to return to filming when (possibly if) they start back up.'


Not long after news spread that Cameran wouldn't be back, there was a report that claimed her husband was having an affair with another woman.

The reality star took to Instagram where she defended her family and confirmed that showrunners are desperate to make drama.

Her message read, in part: 'However it has come to my attention that insidious rumors are now spreading and fake articles being written...some of which pertain to my marriage. While upsetting, it sadly doesn't surprise me as this is what reality television has come to nowadays and a large reason why I kept my marriage off the air. You must protect what is sacred to you. Some things aren't worth a big paycheck.'

Cameran went out like a class act. There are also rumors that Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner have chosen not to return to the Bravo series.


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