Calum Hood Hilariously Claps Back At Fans Mocking Him For Being The Only Single 5SOS Member

Calum Hood Hilariously Claps Back At Fans Mocking Him For Being The Only Single 5SOS Member
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Fans of 5SOS mocked member Calum Hood for being the only one in the band who is not in a relationship and he fired back! Of course, it was all for fun, taunting his Twitter followers back.

It all started with some fans poking fun at him for being single and the artist paid them back with the same coin.

So while Calum is the last single man in the band he is not about to let anyone drag him for it.

‘Man y’all just as single as my a** is,’ he tweeted in response.

And seeing the posts that caused him to clap back, it’s no surprise he did it!

One viral tweet showed pictures of ‘5sos out and about w their significant others,’ while Calum was standing alone with an iced coffee.

The other members, Ashton, Michael and Luke were shown smiling brightly alongside their significant others.

‘Don’t worry Calum, we accept you and your single ass with open arms,’ another mocking post reads.

After Calum shot back, his followers could not believe their eyes.

‘This is so funny to me he really said I’ve had enough of y’all,’ a fan reacted.

Meanwhile, Michael and his longtime girlfriend Crystal Leigh got engaged at the beginning of this year.

Ashton appears to be in a rumored relationship with Kaitlin Blaisdell.

Finally, Luke and Sierra Deaton are in a pretty serious relationship as well, which means that Calum is indeed the only one still looking for love.

But of course, it must be his choice since he has plenty of options out there.

After all, many followers made it a point to mention they are single and ready to mingle too, hoping he would notice them.

‘Someone give Calum my number,’ one tweeted.

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