Call Her Daddy Host Alexandra Cooper Slams Peter Nelson In First Episode Of New Podcast

Call Her Daddy Host Alexandra Cooper Slams Peter Nelson In First Episode Of New Podcast
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The Call Her Daddy host, Alexandra Cooper, is officially hosting the notorious podcast on her own, a report from the New York Post revealed today. On Wednesday, Alexandra dropped her first solo episode of Call Her Daddy following her split with Sofia Franklyn.

The 25-year-old podcast host shared the story of how everything went down with Peter Nelson and Sofia, and the New York Post claims she was unforgiving in her choice of words. Titled, "The Funeral," Cooper explained how things went downhill fast with Sofia, and also how Scooter Braun got involved.

Additionally, Cooper revealed details on how the HBO Sports executive, Peter Nelson, got himself involved in the process, and she even called him a "creeper." According to Cooper, her last communication with Sofia was "awful."

She says Sofia said some things to her that were so vicious that she couldn't possibly imagine saying them about a friend. The host explained her thoughts toward Peter Nelson in detail, accusing him of being a typical "(man) with these big-a** names."

Peter supposedly tried to inject himself into the podcast and direct it in the way that he saw fit.

According to Cooper, when Scooter got involved, she didn't even know who he was or why he was there. The host says that Sofia tried getting all of these big players into the game who didn't know much about the show and just thought of it as a financial asset.

The Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Nardini, claims that Braun is an old friend of hers, and Scooter didn't understand what was going on in the situation. He was just trying to help out. Cooper had the most to say about Nelson, whom she and Frankly called "Suitman."

Alexandra believes Peter was trying to get out of his job at HBO and start his own podcasting company.

With all that said, Cooper urged her fans to be nice to Sofia. There is no need to bully her relentlessly over the Call Her Daddy affair.


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