Caitlyn Jenner’s Upcoming Show Is Said To Leave Kris Jenner “Hopping Mad!”

Caitlyn Jenner’s Upcoming Show Is Said To Leave Kris Jenner “Hopping Mad!”

Caitlyn Jenner has begun talks with a network to get her own talk-show and this is going to get her ex, Kris Jenner “hopping mad” because she failed to do the same.

Although it might have seemed as if Caitlyn will touch more on social issues and open discussions on LGBTQ rights, considering that she is a transgender woman, it looks like the format of the show will not be very different from what Kris tried to achieve in the past but ultimately failed.

“Yes, it will cover LGBT rights, but the program’s biggest focus is going to be politics,” claimed one source.

In addition, Caitlyn would also rather have ordinary people on her talk show as well as celebrities because she wants to show the real life side of things.

As fans of Caitlyn Jenner may also remember, the 67-year-old woman has been pretty involved in a lot of projects ever since her first attempt at having her own reality TV show failed. After I Am Cait was canceled, Jenner focused on her upcoming memoir, The Secrets of My Life, which is said to reveal a lot of juicy details about Kris Jenner and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

The book is set to hit the shelves on April 25!

Now that her venturing into becoming an author has paid off, Caitlyn has the time to focus more on making her show a success as well.

“Caitlyn’s very nervous as she hates the sound of her voice, but she’s excited about having a platform to air her views. She desperately hopes it will be the success her ex’s wasn’t!” added the insider.

Are you excited to watch Caitlyn Jenner’s show?


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