Caitlyn Jenner Jokes About Gender Reassignment Surgery In New Alec Baldwin Roast

Caitlyn Jenner Jokes About Gender Reassignment Surgery In New Alec Baldwin Roast
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According to a report from Page Six, Caitlyn Jenner fired back at the other guests during her appearence at Comedy Central's Roast Of Alec Baldwin on Thursday.

The 69-year-old addressed the other stars on the show who poked fun at her gender reassignment surgery, stating that, "it," referring to her genitalia, was responsible for making the Kardashian-Jenner clan some of the most successful women in the world.

Furthermore, Jenner joked that her past life as Bruce, proved especially fruitful considering she now has 10 children in total, and will also have around 20 grandchildren. Jenner joked that "it" has done its job exceedingly well.

Jenner, the former Olympic star, joked with the other panelists, "I didn't cut it off, I just retired it." As it was previously reported, Jenner finished her transition in 2017 after first coming out as transgender two years prior in April of 2015.

Caitlyn was once married to Kris Jenner. While the gender re-assignment surgery provided the ground for all kinds of laughs among Caitlyn's co-hosts, her transition didn't come without some issues, especially within Caitlyn's immediate family.

Caitlyn and the Kardashian-Jenner clan feuded heavily once she released her memoir, The Secrets Of My Life , in which Caitlyn accused Kris of knowing her real gender identity the entire time. Kris, of course, denied these allegations.

Khloe and Kim came out afterward as well, claiming they were 100% supportive of Bruce's transition, however, they took Caitlyn to task for supposedly airing out the family's dirty laundry, while also attempting to make Kris look bad.

Ever since the release of The Secrets Of My Life, Caitlyn and the rest of the Kar-Jenner clan haven't been as close as they once were. However, Caitlyn and her daughters do come together every once in a while every year, usually for Father's Day.

Earlier this year, Caitlyn accidentally posted a picture of Kendall Jenner when she was a child while wishing Kylie Jenner happy birthday. Caitlyn caught it and posted the proper picture afterward.


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