Caitlyn Jenner Goes Under The Knife Again, This Time For Risky Double Ds

Caitlyn Jenner Goes Under The Knife Again, This Time For Risky Double Ds

Caitlyn Jenner is apparently so eager to look like a true member of the Kardashian female bunch that she went under the knife once again. The transgender former Olympian got double D breast implants!

However, her close friends are in fact worried about the fake boobs affecting her health and ever her day to day activities.

“Caitlyn loves her new breast implants and has been parading them around in all kinds of clingy tops, but what she doesn’t realize is she’s putting her health at risk!” an insider stated, noting medical experts warn implants come with health risks.

“She says she’s happy with her new boobs, but it’s later everyone’s worried about.”

Doctors warn that breast implants can lead to life threatening problems, including immune system dysfunction, which can cause joint and muscle pain, memory loss and headaches, as well as liver and kidney damage.

Furthermore, they can also affect women psychologically and emotionally. According to a study women with implants are three times more likely to commit suicide than women who never get them.

Caitlyn however, seems unaffected by the warnings and was recently seen flaunting her new rack in Malibu.

“Caitlyn thinks her voluptuous double-D breast implants go very nicely with her athletic figure,” says the source.

The jump to double Ds is quite a big change for the Olympian who started the transition with modest C cups.

“Caitlyn wanted big breasts the first time, but her Kardashian stepdaughters talked her out of it,” the insider stated.

“Bigger boobs are better in her book! Her new breast implants have given her a boost in self-confidence. She spends hours at home parading in front of the mirrors.”

“But she really needs to face facts and rethink what she’s doing to herself,” said the insider. “She’s putting her health and her life in jeopardy!”


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