Caitlyn Jenner Disses Donald Trump For Changing Stance On Federal Protections For Transgender Student

Caitlyn Jenner Disses Donald Trump For Changing Stance On Federal Protections For Transgender Student
Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner and Donald Trump are no longer friends, but her political views have not changed.

This week, Miss Jenner returned where it all began, she sat down with Diane Sawyer for an exclusive interview that was broadcast this evening on 20/20 .

It is a well-known fact that Miss Jenner is a strong conservative who proudly supported Ted Cruz during the 2016 presidential election.

After the Texan Senator had lost the primary, Jenner jumped on the Trump train and voted for him instead of Hillary Clinton.

Many were surprised by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast member's decision because the Republican party is not very friendly to members of the LGBT community.

However, the I Am Cait star was happy to stand behind Trump especially after he reached out to Jenner who was protesting the infamous bathroom law in North Carolina that discriminated against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

The television personality said she was sad and angered by the Trump's administration's decision to rescind protections for transgender students.

The retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete stated that she no longer backs the brash New York billionaire and added: “At that time.I thought it was a pretty good idea. But since [lifting federal protections for transgender student bathroom use], it’s not a good idea and so I won’t be playing golf with him."

The 67-year-old parent and grandparent confessed: "Here's the deal: yes, I have always had views that lean more towards the Republican party when it comes to politics [as in] less government, believing in the Constitution and all that kind of stuff. But my loyalties and my fights are not going to be with the Republican party. My loyalties are with my community and fighting for my community."

The television star said she will never be seen with America’s 45th president at the White House or playing golf.

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