Caelynn Miller-Keyes Furious That People Doubted Her Intentions While A Contestant On The Bachelor

Caelynn Miller-Keyes Furious That People Doubted Her Intentions While A Contestant On The Bachelor
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Catelynn got candid about being part of The Bachelor. The former contestant on Colton Underwood’s season and former Miss North Carolina was filming for The Bachelor: The Women Tell All when an ET reporter caught up with her.

During the interview, she opened up about her time on the show, more precisely the speculations that she did not have the best intentions when she joined The Bachelor.

As you may know, some women thought that she did not want to get married and apparently, such words really infuriates the star.

‘It still frustrates me. It still infuriates me. Because, if you watch it, I fell in love with Colton. I was in love with Colton. I just went home and told my parents, 'Listen, it is me. I'm going to be engaged in a couple of weeks. Meet your future son-in-law, or brother-in-law, sister-in-law,’’ Catelynn told the news outlet.

About being sent home this week, after her hometown date, the woman said: ‘I was completely blindsided. For people to undermine my relationship and say that I'm not ready for marriage is infuriating because you can't tell someone if they're ready for marriage or not... Nobody knows if you're ready for marriage except for you.’

The reason why she was so shocked Colton eliminated her on Monday was that she had been really clear about her feelings, something that cannot be said about her close pal Cassie who has kept her feelings for the Bachelor under wraps.

Apparently, both Catelynn and Cassie thought the Miss North Carolina’s relationship with Colton was more advanced, which is why they were surprised Catelynn was sent home instead of Cassie.

Catelynn admitted to the site that she has been hurt and ‘lonely’ since she couldn’t talk with anyone about it until now, and the episode airing reopened the wounds.

It has not been easy, but she has apparently ‘taken some time and tried to heal [her] heart.’


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