Busy Philipps Show On E! Network "Busy Tonight" Officially Canceled

Busy Philipps Show On E! Network "Busy Tonight" Officially Canceled
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According to a report from The Chicago Tribune, E! just canceled Busy Philipps' series, Busy Tonight, the late-night talk show that lasted only seven months.

It first came on air on the 28th of October and typically aired through Wednesday to Sunday at 10:00 pm, until it was changed to the 11:00 pm slot from Monday to Thursday in January. The last episode will be on the 16th of May.

For the most part, Busy Tonight blended celebrity interviews with short comedy routines and bits. On Sunday night, Busy announced her television show was officially taken off the air.

Perhaps most famous for Cougar Town, Freaks and Geeks , as well as White Chicks, Philipps said to followers that her show had been booted from the usual programming. Celebrities to address her show being canceled included Angela Kinsey as well as Debra Messing.

Busy Philipps isn't the only woman in Hollywood to get her show canceled. Sarah Silverman's series, I Love You, America , was canceled before it got to the second season. However, Sarah's series was on the streaming platform, Hulu.

Silverman said to her followers on Twitter that she would be tweeting out all of the support from her fans, and then went on to re-tweet hopeful and kind messages from her followers. Reportedly, it has been argued by industry executives that talk shows don't do that well on streaming platforms. Netflix also canceled The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale .

Some people believe the streaming platform doesn't do as well for talk shows due to the fact much of it is not topical to current events. Once the shows come out, much of what has been said on the set of the show is not as relevant to the culture as it once was.

For instance, shows such as The Tonight Show and The Late Late Show talk about the news of that day, giving viewers a reason to check in every night to see what their favorite talk show host is currently saying about the most current issues of the day. This excuse, however, can't be made for Busy's short-lived series.

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