Busy Philipps Reveals That Taking Antidepressants Has Helped Her A Lot These Past Couple Of Months In Quarantine!

Busy Philipps Reveals That Taking Antidepressants Has Helped Her A Lot These Past Couple Of Months In Quarantine!
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Busy Philipps has been struggling, just like everyone else, in quarantine! That being said, she now revealed that taking antidepressants has helped her a lot!

The celeb has always been pretty open about mental health and this time was no different, especially since it’s something that’s affecting more people than ever due to the pandemic.

Not to mention that May is also Mental Health Awareness Month so many stars have also been more open about it in order to bring awareness.

To cope with all that’s been happening, Busy revealed that she is relying on antidepressants!

During a new interview with HollywoodLife, the actress dished on how she’s been keeping herself sane in isolation these past couple of months.

‘I’m not going to lie, there have been days where it has felt incredibly overwhelming. The enormity of the situation's felt crushing and hard and difficult to get through. I needed extra help. In the beginning, it felt really crushing for me, so I reached out to my therapist and began taking antidepressants,’ she told the news outlet.

The star went on to mention that she had not been on antidepressants in more than a decade.

However, she realized that she needed some help to get through this situation.

Busy argued that ‘It’s important to recognize when you need to ask for additional help. Right now, there are so many mental health organizations offering extra help for free and people who feel that thing need to be able to know that it is okay to reach out. I know I speak from a place of privilege, but by sharing it on social media, I want people who are feeling  the enormity of it or just can’t stop crying to know that there are ways that you can get help, too.’

But the pills are not the only things helping with her mental health.

She mentioned that helping out others during this pandemic has also been something to ground her and keep her focused on something important.

And finally, being with her kids at home is also a huge help.

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