Busy Philipps Reveals Her Feelings Of Devastation Following The Cancelation Of Her E! Talk Show

Busy Philipps Reveals Her Feelings Of Devastation Following The Cancelation Of Her E! Talk Show
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Busy Philipps feelings toward 2019 might be mixed, at best, considering she recently lost her E! talk show, Busy Tonight, following its cancelation back in May following less than a year on the air. Page Six reported that Busy took to her Instagram to explain what happened, as well as her feelings toward the ordeal.

The 40-year-old White Chicks alum posted several photographs on her account regarding the cancelation of her series this past New Years' Eve. According to the actress, she was in Dallas, Texas, to shoot commercials for Michaels and she received a call from her manager who told her they would not be renewing her show.

Busy felt "blindsided" by the news because she had just gotten finished a text message conversation with the president of E!, in which they informed her of their intention to kickstart a marketing campaign for the series. Page Six reports that the aforementioned president is now gone.

According to Philipps, she did "what anyone would do," and ordered three tequilas and sat in a hotel and drank, while crying, calling up some of her friends and co-workers to inform them of what happened. Moreover, Busy sent a message that the actress claims she laughs at "to this day."

Philipps posted a picture of herself crying in front of the mirror, alongside a letter her 11-year-old daughter wrote to E! She wrote that E! was the worst network on television, and told them various reasons why she hated them.

As it was previously reported, Bust Tonight first started on the 28th of October, 2018, and in a May Instagram post, the star revealed it was going to end. The actress said back in May that they were trying to work out another location to send her show, but it's unclear if it'll come back on the air anytime soon.

At the moment, it's currently unknown why the show was taken off the air, but typically, networks eliminate shows due to low-ratings, although, in some cases, networks may pull them due to controversy such as in Roseanne Barr's case, or because it's simply the right time after a successful run, like in the case of Friends.

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