Busy Philipps Is Unretouched In New Olay Regenerist Ad

Busy Philipps Is Unretouched In New Olay Regenerist Ad
Credit: Source: Olay

Busy Philipps appears unretouched in a new Olay Regenerist ad and fans are loving it. Women across the country know what it is like to be a young, impressionable girl inundated with unrealistic beauty standards. Over the past decade, more women have held the fashion industry accountable for the images they present. Now they have been holding beauty brands and fashion houses accountable as well. Long gone are the days when models were so starved that they collapsed on the runway. Plus size women have made their way to magazine covers, and beauty in all its varying forms is now appreciated. Whether it is the silver-haired baby-b00mer-beauties or people who don't fit the traditional concepts of beauty, many companies are opening themselves up to appeal to women of all beauty types.

One of the ways they are sending this message loud and clear is by refusing to edit or use photoshopping techniques to create false images of reality. In Busy Philipps' new Olay Regenerist ad, you can see lines on her forehead and face, light, peachfuzz above her lip, and even a tiny crease above her eye — and she looked gorgeous.

Kindra Mann did Busy's makeup for the photoshoot and in one of the main photos for the campaign, you can see what a flawless job Kindra did. The colors used were light and neutral that went along with the theme of not retouching the makeup. Though Busy looked real and natural, she looked gorgeous as well. The lighting bounced off her skin and created a flawless glow as her blue eyes sparkled.

You may see the unretouched photo from the Olay Regenerist ad featuring Busy Philipps below.

You may also see a video shoot featuring Busy looking flawless at 40-years-old. The campaign has resonated with fans who have said they appreciate seeing Busy as she smiles and talks as her face creases and shows real lines and movement, unlike those who have used too much filler or botox.

You may see the video for Busy's Olay Regenerist ad below.

What do you think about the new Olay Regenerist campaign?

Were you surprised to see Busy Philipps' unretouched photos?

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