Busy Philipps Explains Why She's So Transparent And Vulnerable On Social Media And It's Really Inspiring! 

Busy Philipps Explains Why She's So Transparent And Vulnerable On Social Media And It's Really Inspiring! 
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Busy Philipps really wants to use her voice and her social media platform to empower others! That being said, she’s been very open online, sharing pretty much everything, be it good or bad!

As fans know, back in May, Busy revealed that her talk show on E!, called Busy Tonight, hadn’t been renewed.

Furthermore, she also posted a clip of her in tears back in 2017 when her TV show pilot was not picked up.

That being said, it’s safe to say that her platform has been a very transparent look into her real life and she thinks many others should do the same.

While chatting with HollywoodLife she discussed being so vulnerable on Instagram, saying that ‘This is an incredible time that all of us are able to connect with one another. I think that social media can cause a lot of consternation, and there can be many bad things on there. But, if you are able to see what it can be at its very best, and try to empower yourself to be part of that, it can be game-changing.’

Even though her show is not going to air anymore, Busy continues to share her positive thinking as well as her sense of humor via social media, IG stories specifically.

Being online has apparently been crucial not only ‘personally, but also career-wise.’

After all, when she was chatting with the news outlet, she was in attendance at the Bustle’s Rule Breakers Festival, where she got honored as one of 2019’s ‘Rule Breakers.’

About the reason why she started to use social media like she does, Busy explained that ‘If I have zits or picked my face, you can just see it. This is my body, and this is what I am going through. I am taking back the power of my body. And shame and the guilt that has been perpetrated on me by men, I am giving away. I am giving it back to the men who did it, I am giving it back to men who are bystanders and have never stood up for a f***ing thing. I want to give it away, and want to take the power.’

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