Building Trust! T.I. Invites Tiny To Visit 'Ant Man' Sequel Set To Keep Him From Cheating

Building Trust! T.I. Invites Tiny To Visit 'Ant Man' Sequel Set To Keep Him From Cheating
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It is not always easy to keep up with T.I. and his estranged wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, amid the divorce talks and cheating allegations.

A few days ago, the Xscape singer was accused of having a two-year affair with hip-hop music icon Master P. The businessman came out and denied the reports.

Then, it was revealed that Tiny was using her hot trainer to drive T.I. jealous, but some people believe that Kory Phillips is just using his connections to push his business.

Let us not forget that the complicated couple opted to reconcile in July and is getting some help from relationship experts.

Now, we are learning that T.I. wants his wife to trust him again, so to earn it, he has decided to give Tiny free access to the set of his latest movie.

Since the talented actor is not in Atlanta, the wife is authorized to check up on him to see if he is not getting himself in any trouble.

T.I. reportedly has a hard time remaining faithful despite his great love for Tiny.

A source shared: "TIP has been very busy shooting the sequel to Ant Man , so for once she does not have to worry what he is doing all day because she knows exactly where he is. He has invited her to come visit him on set with the kids whenever she wants, which is something he is never done before."

The insider added: "He is trying hard to prove to her that she can trust him. Letting her know she is welcome anytime is a great way to rebuild the trust. She has not gone yet, but it gives her a lot of peace of mind knowing that she is welcome. He is shooting in North Carolina this weekend, but they are running behind so he may end up working all weekend. If he does get released for the weekend, he is promised Tiny and the kids that he will come straight back to Atlanta to spend time with them."

Even those who are close to them do not know what to think about the situation anymore.

A family friend revealed: "Right now things are still very touch and go. One day they are on and making plans for their future. Then they will clash, usually over jealousy issues, and they are right back saying they need to divorce. It is honestly hard to keep up with them it is just so up and down. But whatever happens between them they will always be tight because of their kids; they are both amazing parents."

What do you think is going on between T.I. and Tiny?

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