Buckingham Palace Releases Statement Saying That Meghan And Prince Harry Can't Fulfill Royal Duties Anymore

Buckingham Palace Releases Statement Saying That Meghan And Prince Harry Can't Fulfill Royal Duties Anymore
Credit: Source: CheatSheet.com

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really want to make a positive impact on humanity, and not just in the Western world either. According to Page Six, the Queen of England released a statement this Friday in which she revealed that Meghan and Harry were officially no longer obligated to do any duties on behalf of the royal family.

The statement went on to say that as a result of stepping away from the family, it was no longer "possible" for them to work on the "responsibilities and duties" as part of the "public service."

According to the outlet, Omid Scobie, a so-called "royals expert" shared a statement from Meghan and Harry's representative in which they called attention to the particular phrasing, notably, the phrase "it is not possible."

The statement suggested that Harry and Meghan's work over the last year has shown they are very capable of contributing to the greater good while at the same time distancing themselves from the royal family. It added that they have "offered their continued support" to many organizations and charities around the world.

Even though the Prince and Meghan delivered an impassioned response to the Queen, it's notable that they have been disconnected from several of their duties.

For instance, they won't be working in connection with organizations like The Association of Commonwealth Universities, The Queen's Commonwealth Trust, The Royal Marines, as well as The Royal Navy.

Prince Harry and Meghan have obviously been in the headlines repeatedly ever since they got married back in 2017 after just a couple of years of dating. It was one of the biggest stories of the year when Meghan and Harry revealed they were going to marry.


These days, the couple is usually in the headlines for their departure from the royal family, but it's common for them to receive attention for their growing family as well. For instance, the couple was the subject of reports earlier this week after sources explained how they were able to keep their second pregnancy hidden for so long.


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