BTS And The Chainsmokers Are Releasing A New Single 'Best Of Me'

BTS And The Chainsmokers Are Releasing A New Single 'Best Of Me'
Source: BTS Instagram

K-pop boy band BTS is huge and they have a new collaboration with The Chainsmokers that's soon to drop. According to reports, the new single will be called "Best of Me" and will appear on the new BTS album Love Yourself: Her .

Fans of the groups are excited about the new single that will drop on September 18, 2017, along with the new album. BTS and The Chainsmokers met at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards where BTS won the top prize for Top Social Artist. With their enormous social media presence, anticipation for the new single and BTS' new album is high.

Fans of BTS know that they have a huge social media presence, and with more than eight million Twitter followers and over five million Instagram followers, reception to the new single has been great. A video clip BTS shared that stated they were with The Chainsmokers had more than 500,000 likes.

In addition to the new BTS album, BTS will have a live, welcome back concert that will air on various networks, including YouTube. Look for the concert on September 21, 2017.

Love Yourself: Her will be an extended play. BTS has produced four studio albums so far. According to reports, "Best of Me" will be an EDM dance track and we're certain fans are going to love it.

While BTS remains extremely popular, there has been a bit of controversy surrounding The Chainsmokers lately. During a recent interview with Alex Pall, it was learned that Pall doesn't bring his dog with him on the road. The interview was originally published on their Twitter page but has since been removed.

Pall stated that his dog isn't well behaved enough to be brought on the road with him. He then added that if he could bring the dog on the road with him, he would; except for China.

The joke has sparked controversy as many felt that the remarks were racially and culturally insensitive.

It did not go unnoticed that Pall made the remark about China, an Asian country while simultaneously getting ready to promote "Best of Me" a song that is a collaboration with BTS who is from South Korea.

What do you think? Do you think people are reading too much into Pall's statement? Is there a good reason to be offended by what he said? Are you looking forward to BTS' new collaboration with The Chainsmokers?

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