Bryshere Y Gray And His Dog Allegedly Cause $26,000 In Damages To Landlord's Home

Bryshere Y Gray And His Dog Allegedly Cause $26,000 In Damages To Landlord's Home
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Bryshere Gray is in trouble with his landlord. The Empire alum's landlords recently claimed they're filing a lawsuit against the young actor due to the damage caused by Gray's dog. However, TMZ claims that Bryshere is telling his landlord not to worry because he'll front the cost.

Payal Shah and Vinod Venugopal filed a suit against the actor in Chicago, accusing Gray and his dog of terrorizing the building, particularly, his apartment. Documents obtained by TMZ claim that the actor first started renting out a condo in a Chicago complex in the summertime of 2019.

TMZ reported on the documents in which it's argued that Gray left his dog unattended for hours in various parts of the building, often leaving feces and urine. Moreover, they accused Gray of damaging the condo's hardwood floors, stairs, and other parts of the apartment complex.

Furthermore, they've accused him of engaging in all kinds of negligent and inappropriate behavior, including clogging toilets with condoms, smoking weed when it's not allowed, and also eating breakfast in the bathrooms.

TMZ also obtained photographs of the damage done to the condo. Landlords claim the needed renovations will cost them $26,120. When they reached out to Gray and his representatives, their requests went un-responded too.

For that reason, the property managers are suing him for damages and also want $7,000 to cover their legal fees. Charlie Mac, the actor's manager, stated that Gray was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder a few years ago, and some of the issues are to blame on that.

Mac added that it'll all be taken care of because Gray is a "great person." Gray's manager went on to say this client has the means to pay for the damages and handle whatever problems the landlords are currently having. Moreover, he stated that it was a bummer they chose to deal with it publicly.

Gray's manager finished off his statement with the reassurance: "we will do what is needed to make sure it is taken care of." Unfortunately for Gray, this wouldn't be the first time he found himself in trouble. 

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