Bryshere Gray From Empire Arrested For Traffic Violation

Bryshere Gray From Empire Arrested For Traffic Violation
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According to a report from Page Six, yet another Empire actor was recently arrested in Chicago, except, in this case, it was related to a traffic violation rather than a faux-hate crime.

A spokesperson for the police, Karie James, said on Monday that the man who plays Jussie Smollett's younger brother on the Lee Daniels-created series was arrested because his temporary license didn't match the 2014 Rolls Royce he was driving.

Karie James said Mr. Gray was charged with and ticketed for driving an uninsured vehicle while not carrying the proper license. James claims the 25-year-old actor was not in police custody, however, it isn't precisely clear when the police released him.

A publicist for 20th Century Fox, Chris Alexander, refused to comment when Page Six reached out to him for a statement. As it was previously reported, another actor on the set of the series was arrested at the beginning of the year for lying to the police about a hate crime incident.

Jussie allegedly orchestrated a racially and sexual orientation motivated attack on himself in January of this year while in Chicago. Initially, Jussie claimed two white men, who happened to be Trump supporters, assaulted him one evening after he left his home to go to a Subway restaurant.

Smollett claims the men punched him and yelled homophobic and racist slurs. The incident became even more controversial when it was revealed that Kim Foxx, the District Attorney for the city, dropped all charges.

Even the president himself, Donald Trump, addressed the matter on his Twitter account, saying the case was a "disgrace." The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, as well as the police superintendent and commander, were allegedly furious that Kim dropped all charges against the Empire actor.

Following rumors Empire writers would bring him back on the show, Lee Daniels came out on Twitter and dispelled the speculation, saying there was no way Jussie was returning to his series. Furthermore, Empire allegedly suffered low-ratings following the supposed Smollett hoax.

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