Bryan Tanaka Professes His Love for Mariah Carey on Camera

Bryan Tanaka Professes His Love for Mariah Carey on Camera

It seems like Mariah Carey’s relationship with her backup dancer is getting really serious really fast. Her much younger boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka could not help but share his growing feelings for the cougar and it was all caught on video. Are they falling in love already?

The hunky dancer looked happy to be with Carey and in the video he shared how he was “catching some hard feelings,” the diva. Isn’t that so cute? We cannot help but wander though – is Mariah just as serious about him or is he just some eye candy fling to help her pass time?

We know she feels good in his presence because he always compliments her and is very affectionate – just what the troubled singer needs these days.

After the humiliation that Carey went through on New Year’s Eve Tanaka was by her side bringing her at least some comfort. However, is that enough to build upon and have a real, long tern relationship with the young man?

Regardless of what Mariah is planning, Bryan does not shy away from professing his love publicly.

“Man I love Mariah, she’s thoughtful, she’s inspiring. I don’t know there’s something so unique about her, she’s the queen,” said the dancer on Mariah’s World.

Later on in the episode he told another dancer, G. Madison, that he knew there were sparks between them.

“I feel like our chemistry is not just professional. There’s great chemistry professionally, but when we talk it feels like there’s a connection that is more than just what we’ve had for the past ten years.”

Mariah Carey has gone through a breakup recently. Splitting from billionaire fiancé James Packer has been pretty hard for the singer but Tanaka quickly took his place in her life. We aren’t sure he took her heart completely but spending her time with such a hot younger man is definitely a confidence booster.

“There’s something undeniable with this attraction that we have for each other. It feels like we’re meant to be together,” said Mariah on the show.


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