Brooks Laich Reveals How Wife Julianne Hough Coming Out As ‘Not Straight’ Has Inspired Him

Brooks Laich Reveals How Wife Julianne Hough Coming Out As ‘Not Straight’ Has Inspired Him
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Brooks Laich is revealing how he was inspired by his wife, Julianne Hough coming out to him as not straight.

The NHL player is admitting he is a much better man because of Hough and her courage, to be honest with him. Laich is not here to speak about his wife's sexual preference. Instead, he opened up to Us Weekly regarding the challenge he has endured because of Hough.

"My wife, to her credit, is constantly evolving, challenging, growing. It's not out of desperation, but out of curiosity, out of exploring who she is, exploring what's meaningful to her. She's grown and shifted in so many ways since we've met, which is absolutely beautiful," Laich said to the magazine.

The 36-year-old is currently promoting his new podcast How Men Think , with musician Gavin DeGraw but he chose to get a little personal.

"My wife is literally everything I'm not. I love her because of her heart. She has a stronger heart than I do. She has a level of compassion that I envy. Her level of compassion for people is not natural to me. When I see how her heart beats with every single person, I just admire it. She's challenged me to grow in ways that I resist against and push against," he expressed.

Fans were shocked when Hough recalled telling her husband she was not straight . The professional dancer got real in the September issue of Women's Health regarding her marriage and sexuality. She made it clear she is going through a transformation, but she loves Laich and is committed to him.

He also shared with the weekly magazine the couple is different than when they got married. Laich insists the relationship is stronger than ever.

"When you enter a marriage or a relationship, you enter it always with appreciation and acceptance of that person. Even though they're going to change over time, if you can remember those two things, she's still and will always be my best friend. It's really enjoyable to watch somebody grow and to be a part of their story," he shared.

Brooks Laich has grown a lot since his wife Julianne Hough told him she was not straight. He is inspired by her courage and challenged by her honesty. The hockey player credits the Dancing With The Stars alum for changing his life in the best possible way.

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