Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen's Ex Appears To Be Holding Meth Pipe In New Video

Brooke Mueller Charlie Sheen's Ex Appears To Be Holding Meth Pipe In New Video
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According to a report from Page Six, a new video appears to show the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, holding a meth-pipe in a very dirty fan, as one of her sons, 9-years-old, sits upstairs by himself in a hotel room.

Page Six found the video and it appears to show Mueller crouching in a van along with a bunch of garbage while holding a drug pipe and a lighter in her other hand. A source who spoke with the outlet claims Brooke was getting ready to smoke her pipe while her son was in the airport hotel in Spokane, Washington.

Reportedly, the video dates back to July 2018, and Max, Bobby's brother, was gone away at summer camp at that time. The insider claimed to the publication that Mueller had left their child, Bobby, with two unknown men while sitting in a restaurant by Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Brooke supposedly had snuck out to search for drugs.

Reportedly, this incident occurred approximately one year before Brooke was caught with "suitcases of drugs" during a trip to Southampton. The publication claims Mueller was taped in another recording in which she appeared to be trying to buy crystal meth and sub-par "black tar" heroin.

Another insider who spoke with The Post stated that her family is very concerned with her health, her family, and her wellbeing. The source claims the family of Brooke feels it's troubling to see her put herself at risk just to get her hands on drugs.

For years, Sheen's ex-wife has fought against drug addiction and has repeatedly gone in and out of rehabilitation facilities. Charlie Sheen has struggled with drug abuse in the past as well, including his infamous media spectacle in 2011 when he fought very publicly with Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show on which Charlie starred, Two and A Half Men.

Charlie allegedly stated that Chuck couldn't continue the show without him, however, after weeks of rumor and media reports, Chuck eventually fired Charlie and hired Ashton Kutcher to take his place. However, Kutcher's replacement wasn't enough to keep fans interested and Two and A Half Me n was subsequently canceled.

Brooke is most famous for being the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, although, she has appeared in a few productions including, USA High, Witchhouse , and A Love Song For Bobby Long.

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