Brooke Mueller Apparently Used To Attend 'Eyes-Wide-Shut' Type Parties New Audio Tape Reveals

Brooke Mueller Apparently Used To Attend 'Eyes-Wide-Shut' Type Parties New Audio Tape Reveals
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According to a report from Page Six, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife has had a raucous past, including sex, drugs, and lavish parties. It was revealed by the publication through the release of an audiotape that Mueller attended orgy parties in which there were a plethora of drugs packed in suitcases.

On the audiotape, the 41-year-old actress can be heard slurring her words while trying to get her hands on "black tar" heroin, cocaine, as well as crystal meth.

The star stated that she and an anonymous married man once watched a room full of people have an orgy similar to what was portrayed in Stanley Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The tape reportedly dates back to the early morning hours of the 15th of July. Mueller says in the tape that she was at a " Eyes Wide Shut"- type party in the Hamptons. Mueller says again in the tape that they were going to another one in Queens.

Furthermore, Brooke says in the tape that she hung out with a man at the sex party who was married, although, they never hooked up or did anything sexual in nature.

It isn't known which party the actress was referring to in the Hamptons, or whether she attended a different event in Queens. But last summer, an elite club in LA reportedly attended by Bill Maher and Gwyneth Paltrow, was set up in a similar vein to an Eyes Wide Shut -esque scenario.

There were only 99 guests allowed. Reportedly, the source who spoke with the outlet stated that Brooke, especially when she's high on methamphetamine, likes to find herself in sexual situations, including pulling off her clothes among other things.

It was reported earlier by a few outlets that Mueller is back in a sober living home and she denied ever using heroin. Reportedly, Sheen and Mueller's children stay at the house of Brooke's mother when she goes on the road.

In the same audiotape, the Hollywood actress comments on the likelihood of getting sober, stating that she "just goes on and off," and nearly everyone does the same thing. "There's the few that stay sober," the actress began, but not at her "level."

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