Broke Actor Charlie Sheen Forced To Sell His Most Prized Possessions To Make Ends Meet!

Broke Actor Charlie Sheen Forced To Sell His Most Prized Possessions To Make Ends Meet!

Trainwreck Charlie Sheen has reached a point in his life in which he is so broke that he will have no choice but to sell his most prized possessions.

According to reports, Sheen is selling his most loved baseball memorabilia simply because he needs the money.  Babe Ruth’s ring and contract that he is giving away are worth a lot more than $2 million!

“Charlie is desperate for cash,” a few sources close to the Two and a Half Men star have claimed.

“He’s blown through all his millions and can’t find work. He’s at the end of his rope.”

For the fans, it is a well-known fact that Sheen is a collector of prized baseball memorabilia.

For decades he was the proud owner of many such objects but in the last years, he was forced to sell most of them in order to cover his costly lifestyle.

He hoped that he will not have to sell Ruth’s 1927 World Series ring as well but the fact that after his HIV and drug abuse scandal he never managed to get back on his feet, left him with no choice.

“He swore he would never sell it off, no matter how broke he got!” the insider stated but now, he can only think of the fact that the ring could get him even one million dollars if auctioned off.

He also still has one signed baseball from Babe which can get him about a million as well. And a contract the Babe signed with the Yankees.

“He’s kept them up in an area of his home in Beverly Hills called Babe’s Bar,” the source revealed about the actor’s love for the baseball star.

However, it seems like the end of the shrine he dedicated to Babe is close as he is looking for buyers.

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  • Nancy Sandoval
    Nancy Sandoval Apr 15, 2017 3:26 AM PDT

    Does he make any money from re-runs? DVD sales?

  • robert L odom
    robert L odom Apr 14, 2017 3:27 PM PDT

    Whats is charlie s address,like to send him some money

  • Lucy Crasnick-Ehasz
    Lucy Crasnick-Ehasz Apr 14, 2017 2:30 PM PDT

    I love Charlie Sheen as an actor, but after what he's done with his life and to other people with his HIV issues, I don't have any pity for him for having to sell his Babe Ruth memorabilia! Many of us "little people" in the world would love to have something that, though reluctantly, we'd have to sell due to financial dire straits, would feel "BLESSED" to have 2 million dollars or more from Charlie's collection of Babe Ruth's memorabilia to sell to make ends meet! Time to come back to reality, Charlie! You're an awesome person and a great actor, but there are CONSEQUENCES to everything one does in their lives! You needed to learn this the hard way. End of matter.

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