Brody Jenner Is Over Katilynn Carter Calls New Flame Josie Canseco 'Marriage Material’

Brody Jenner Is Over Katilynn Carter Calls New Flame Josie Canseco 'Marriage Material’
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Brody Jenner is over Kaitlynn Carter. The Hills: New Beginnings star referred to his new flame, Josie Canseco as "marriage material."

Oh yes, it appears the newly single Jenner is no longer single. TMZ caught up with the birthday boy yesterday, as he and Canseco left Tao after a special dinner. Jenner turned 36-years-old, and the blonde beauty was by his side all day celebrating her man.

The reality TV star set the record straight on his new romance, squashing any speculation about his relationship status. Jenner let the slew of paparazzi know the single life no longer applies to him.

There was a ton of questions and comments blasted at the DJ. One photog remarked how Jenner appeared to be in a much healthier relationship. Another asked if he had spoken to Liam Hemsworth recently.

"Liam is my boy," the MTV star shared.

Jenner was more than happy to answer some questions but quickly got annoyed with remarks about Carter and Cyrus. One even asked if he had thanked Cyrus now that he was so happy with Canseco. It was as though the reporter assumed Cyrus broke up his relationship with Carter.

There was one question the Malibu man was more than happy to answer. When a photog asked him if his 22-year-old new flame was marriage material, Jenner smiled and responded "absolutely."

The no longer single stud thinks Canseco is marriage material. Fans though should not expect  Caitlyn Jenner's son will be walking down the aisle again soon. He was with Carter for five years before they wed in Indonesia, but they never made it legal in the U.S.

On a recent episode of The Hills: New Beginnings , Jenner shared he doesn’t have a positive outlook when it came to marriage. Both of his parents have had multiple failed marriages, as well as other members of his famous family, have divorced.

Brody Jenner has a new girlfriend, Josie Canseco. The reality TV star admitted he is no longer single. His news came hours after he shared Kaitlyn Carter and Miley Cyrus sent him a weed basket as a joint gift for his 36 th birthday.

There has been a substantial amount of drama surrounding Jenner, Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and Carter the past couple of weeks. As far as the DJ is concerned, he is still good with all three of those people. Jenner is moving on with his life but considers his ex, her gal pal Cyrus and hunky Hemsworth good friends.


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