Brittney Taylor From Love And Hip-Hop Is Facing Charges Now For Supposedly Assaulting A Witness

Brittney Taylor From Love And Hip-Hop Is Facing Charges Now For Supposedly Assaulting A Witness
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According to Page Six, the Love And Hip-Hop star who accused Remy Ma of assaulting her, Brittney Taylor, 30, was arrested on Friday morning for assault at the home of Dina Khalil, claims the police.

Reportedly, Taylor was arguing with Khalil around 7 in the morning when Taylor supposedly scratched her, the police said to The Post. Taylor then followed the woman to the ground floor of the building and chucked a telephone at her head. The reality star was detained and charged with assault.

She stood in front of a judge on Friday and was released on her own claims a court clerk in Manhattan. The Love And Hip-Hop star claimed a few months ago that she was attacked by her castmate, Remy Ma, whose real name is Reminisce Smith.

While at a benefit concert on the 16th of April, police claim Taylor accused Remy of hitting her. Smith turned herself in to authorities on the 1st of May and she was slapped with 3rd-degree assault charges.

Eric Sanders, Smith's lawyer, claimed news of Brittney's arrest will cause problems regarding her assault case against the hip-hop artist. Sanders said in a statement to The Post that the arrest brings obvious problems to light when it comes to the credibility of the original accuser's claim.

Regardless of the new charges, the lawyer said he and his client, Remy Ma, would continue fighting so the rapper could be exonerated from the charges and the supposed crimes she has been accused of.

Recently, Remy Ma made waves when she accused Nicki Minaj of using her power and influence in the industry to thwart other women from working with Cardi B.

Allegedly, Nicki Minaj's status as the dominant female rapper has come under siege, and thus, Nicki's tactics have been to tell other producers and people in the industry that if they work with Cardi, Minaj will boycott them.

This comes not long after Nicki and Cardi also got into a fight at New York Fashion Week. Remy Ma was just one of several female rappers and entertainers who accused Nicki of trying to intimidate them.


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  • Brandy W
    Brandy W Jun 16, 2019 8:23 PM PDT

    Leave Nicki alone. She’s minding her business and trying to spread inaccurate information about her to get SYMPATHY afore Cardi B won’t work in 2019. Thank you!!

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