Brittany Renner Addresses The Hate She Recently Got On Social Media

Brittany Renner Addresses The Hate She Recently Got On Social Media
Credit: BET

Brittany Renner addresses the backlash that she received on social media these days. Check out the latest reports about all this below.

The Shade Room notes that she shared a lengthy video and got some things off her chest.

'She addressed the backlash she receives online, saying that she doesn't have the desire to water herself down to fit in with people who don't even know who they are,' TSR says.

TSR continued and said: 'Brittany is pretty much unbothered about the people who come for her online. The mother said, “The things that I read about myself, I’m not going to lie. It tickles me.” She continued by asking, “Is that the best that folks have?” Brittany stated that the things she’s read online are lightweight.'

Someone said: 'She’s giving me “Love” vibes via the show “You”…I’m SPOOKED!' and someone else said: 'nobody gives af about your car confessions, just be a better person.'

A commenter posted this: 'On a Sunday?? in my Soulja boy voice,' and a follower said: 'She came back on here talking like Maya Angelou thinking that was going to sway our opinion. Lmfaooo girl bye. We still calling the cops.'

One follower said: 'At this point get a journal social media and it’s tactics.'

A follower posted this message: ' not a monologue. Yet, your very correct lol like girl WHATTT!? Be blowing my high while I’m tryna look at the shaderoom good stuff.'

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