Brittany Cartwright Squashes Ariana Madix Pregnancy Rumor

Brittany Cartwright Squashes Ariana Madix Pregnancy Rumor
Credit: Source: Bravo

In the day of social media, a camera angle can make or break your photo. After Ariana Madix's midsection appeared to be bloated in a recent picture, her Vanderpump Rules co-star came to her defense after commentators questioned if she was pregnant.

The Pump Rules cast attended JBL fest a few days ago where they partied and did shots until they couldn't anymore. In an image shared by Brittany Cartwright, Ariana was seen in a blue jumpsuit in an odd position. Immediately, followers started questioning if she was pregnant.

Brittany, who recently sparked rumors that she was expecting , squashed the speculation by responding: 'I don’t think she does but it would [definitely] be just an angle she is tiny tiny and gorgeous.'

Ariana has made it very clear that she doesn't want a traditional life. Nearly every season, she explains that she has no desire to get married or have kids.

Quite frankly, she's sick of being asked about it.

The reality star tweeted earlier this year: 'When @TomSandoval1 and i do press interviews together, i get asked about babies and he gets asked about TomTom and future career plans. I’m putting this out there now: i will walk out of any situation where this happens from now on. I have goals. I work hard. Ask me about it.'

Meanwhile, Brittany can't wait to give birth to little Jax and Brittanys.

They were open about their plan to start conceiving right after they get married.

'We cannot wait to start a family. I cannot wait to be a mom and Jax cannot wait to be a dad. He talks about it all the time. I think he’s getting more excited than I am even, which I never thought would be possible,' Cartwright told People Magazine.

If Madix changes her mind about her stance on becoming a parent, she will surely let her fans know.


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