Brittany Cartwright Proudly Displays Belly After Being Fat-Shamed By Haters

Brittany Cartwright Proudly Displays Belly After Being Fat-Shamed By Haters
Credit: Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, we are still in a day and age where people hide behind profiles on the internet and make rude comments about people's appearances. To make things even worse, some haters feel comfortable enough to fat-shame a woman carrying a child.

At a time when women's hormones are all over the place, it's especially hard to deal with negative comments towards your body that is growing and changing in ways it has never done before.

Brittany Cartwright started showing early and her bump grew faster than her Vanderpump Rules ' former co-stars even though she was one of the lasts to announce.

The speed at which your baby bump grows should not be a concern of others as long as the mother and baby are both happy -- which they are.

Fed up with the criticism by keyword warriors, Brittany has decided to embrace her beautiful pregnant body.

She shared a photo of herself in the mirror with her bump on full display alongside a caption that read: ' I put this on my story but ya know what, I deserve to post this with pride. I am so proud of my body for creating my son. I have had days where I let negative comments from strangers get me down, but WHY!? I am growing a perfect and healthy human being who I have only dreamed of my entire life. I am going to give my body the respect it deserves and shout it from the rooftops how lucky and blessed I feel to experience this pregnancy. (Even though I’m 25 weeks and still sick everyday) lol I am feeling very lucky and emotional to have this opportunity to be a mom and I will no longer let trolls influence my happiness,'

She went on to give other expectant mamas some sweet advice.

'To all you other Mommy to be’s and mommies in general YOU ARE KILLING IT, don’t let opinions of others get you down, you will be the best mother to your beautiful baby just like me!! Be proud of your body because you are growing a human life! I am so honored I get to be a mom and have a beautiful son in just a few months. Keep smiling and sharing positive vibes, we need more of that in this world.'

It's good to see that Brittany isn't letting the haters get her down.

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