Britni Mealy Tells Followers That She's Done With Future After He Hooks Up With Joie Chavis Again -- Future Responds!

Britni Mealy Tells Followers That She's Done With Future After He Hooks Up With Joie Chavis Again -- Future Responds!
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Future is definitely the king of quip and petty responses when thrown any kind of shade. The rapper took to his Instagram Story with a video after his baby mama, Britni Mealy, told her followers that she was done with the rapper and his playboy ways.

If you didn't already know, Future is expecting a baby with Bow-Wow's baby mama, Joie Chavis. Only a few months after the news broke, the "WRLD ON DRUGS" artist went back to Britni.

Mealy, who already has a child with the musician seemed to be enjoying her rekindled relationship as the couple flaunted their matching jewelry and expensive trips on social media.

Everything seemed to be going fine until Joie Chavis had her baby shower. Future appeared to be as close to Joie as he was being to Mealy.

After Chavis posted romantic birthday messages for her soon to be baby daddy and public humiliation, Britni decided to announce that she has cut all sentimental ties with the ladies' man because she found happiness.


She posted: "I appreciate y’all stop tagging me and associating me with my son’s father and whatever he got going on. Let me make things crystal clear, I am not with him in no way and never will be again. I did my best and always loved unconditionally and been the sweetest girl I could be, even when I knew he didn’t deserve it. This whole world calls me dumb, stupid, whatever but who cares?" she wrote. "I have a genuine, unconditional, loving, forgiving heart. I am not mad, bitter, none of that. I left and finally begin to realize my worth (long overdue)."

She also let her followers know that Future was always the one pursuing her and that she was not a golddigger.

The 35-year-old uploaded a clip responding to Britni where he's pictured saying: "You found happiness? Ok. I'm so proud of you."

He goes on to tell her: "Mmnh. One monkey don't stop the show. It never have."

Future's petty response had many viewers praising what he said and how he said it. Others felt that he was being a manipulative womanizer.

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