Britney Spears Was On The Verge Of Death Before She Went To Treatment [Report]

Britney Spears Was On The Verge Of Death Before She Went To Treatment [Report]
Credit: Source: Rolling Stone

Britney Spears is back in a treatment facility after suffering from another mental breakdown. But before the pop star sought professional help, her circle of advisors feared the worse and thought she was going to die without proper treatment.

The insider claims that the situation took a turn while Spears was in contract talks for her next residency in Las Vegas. At some point, Spears started to act like she did back in 2008, when her behavior landed her in a psych ward and her dad, Jamie Spears, had to care of her. With Spears' behavior out of control, her advisors quickly realized that she was not ready to go back to work.

The big issue, according to The Blast , is that Spears stopped taking her medication and would sometimes take the wrong dose. Things spiraled from there and her team seriously thought she was on the verge of death if she did not get treatment right away.

Fortunately, Spears' dad understood what was happening and knew she needed to get help. He is the one who allegedly got her into a treatment plan, and those close to the singer thought it was a good move.

Since checking into a mental health facility, Spears has reportedly been prescribed "several different medications" as doctors try to find the best solution to her issues.

Sources say that Spears' team did not want her mental breakdown to leak to the press, which is why they told the media that Spears was getting help because she was upset about her dad's illness.

Sources claim that the only reason Spears has been successful in recent years is because she has a team managing everything in her life. But that structure fell apart once they gave Spears more freedom.

It is unknown when Britney Spears will finish her treatment plan and return to work. Her team has not commented on the rumors surrounding her mental health.


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