Britney Spears Takes Long Break Due To Her Father's Illness

Britney Spears Takes Long Break Due To Her Father's Illness
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On Friday, the legendary pop star Britney Spears announced she would take a long hiatus as her father's health continues to decline. The star was supposed to begin her Las Vegas residency show, "Domination," in February, however, she postponed her return to the stage because Jamie was taken to the hospital.

In a statement obtained by Variety, the star said, "I am dedicating my focus and energy to care for my family." Britney added that she has a very important relationship with the rest of her family, and at this time, she needs to be there for them.

In addition to apologizing to her fans for canceling the performances, Britney said she looked forward to getting back out there as she normally would.

As it was previously reported, the singer's father had to get surgery two months ago as a consequence of a ruptured colon in Las Vegas. He stayed there for twenty-eight days in total to receive medical attention. Sources close to the scene explained that "he was really in tough shape but managed to pull through."

On Instagram, the star once again explained why she chose to delay the concert series until a later date. She said it "breaks her heart" to let some of her loyal fans down, but she had to do it.

According to the "Toxic" singer, her father almost died from a medical emergency and she will continue to stay at his bedside as he hopefully recovers.

Britney first began her residency in Las Vegas a couple of years ago to critical acclaim. In the past, residencies were for aging stars, however, that has changed significantly with more and more current DJ's and performers helming the stages of Las Vegas.

Some of the most iconic pop stars right now, including Zedd and Lady Gaga, also have their own residencies. Not every entertainer is down with that idea, however. In a past interview, Justin Timberlake said that he didn't want to do a residency because it seemed a lot like retirement; as if his glory days are behind him.

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