Britney Spears Spotted With Boyfriend Sam Asghari Is She Done With Treatment?

Britney Spears Spotted With Boyfriend Sam Asghari Is She Done With Treatment?
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Britney Spears was spotted with her boyfriend Sam Asghari out and about on Easter Sunday. Her appearance outside the mental health facility has fans speculating if the singer has finished treatment, especially since photos of Spears show her looking grim.

People magazine is reporting the 37-year-old Spears was photographed with her 25-year-old boyfriend leaving The Montage Resort and Hotel in Beverly Hills.

"Britney is still receiving treatment but had a short break this weekend to enjoy Easter. She spent time with Sam," an unnamed source close to the family shared with People magazine.

The source also revealed part of the ‘Oops…I Did It Again' singers treatment plan is for her to keep up with some of her usual routines, while she is seeking help. Spears outing was part of an already planned break for the mother of two to spend the holiday with her family.

Spears holiday day out was the second time she has been spotted outside her menthol health facility. Last week she got a reprieve to get her hair done, which would be in line with the center encouraging Spears to maintain certain routines.

Despite reports, everything is fine with the mother of two, who chose to seek help on her own,  fans are gravely concerned for Spears well-being. The new photos have done little to calm those concerns too. She looks out of it in the pictures of her being led out of the hotel by Asghari.

Life has taken a toll on Britney Spears the past few months. Dealing with her father's illness and caring for her two growing sons, has proved to be more than she could handle. Even though the singer put her career and her Las Vegas residency on hold indefinitely, the stress has caused her to sink into a deep depression.

Spears' Easter day outing was just that, one day away from the facility. She is still committed to seeking treatment and based on the leaked pictures, the singer still desperately needs it.

Earlier this month when news broke pop star had checked herself into a treatment center, it was reportedly for a 30-day program. As time passes and the 30 days draw to a close, it remains unclear if Spears will stay in the mental health facility longer or if she will move on to an outpatient program.

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