Britney Spears Spotted Out With Boyfriend Amid Social Media Conspiracies And Hysteria

Britney Spears Spotted Out With Boyfriend Amid Social Media Conspiracies And Hysteria
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According to, Britney Spears has been spotted out driving on a number of different occasions in the past few weeks. Britney went to the Starbucks near her Thousand Oaks home where she grabbed a Green Tea Matcha covered in whipped cream.

TMZ reported earlier that security accompanies the pop-star everywhere now, mostly since her conservatorship started a decade ago, but it was amped up especially with the news of her entrance and exit to and from a mental health facility following the news of her father's health troubles.

As it was previously reported, there is a "#FreeBritney" movement on social media. The goal of the movement is to end the conservatorship over the pop-star, who suffered mental health problems back in the mid to late 2000s and again in 2018 and 2019.

Jamie's conservatorship over Britney has been going well, in fact, he just applied for a conservatorship in three different states, Louisana, Florida, as well as Hawaii. If Britney goes to any of those states, he allegedly has authority over her wellbeing if something happens.

Reportedly, Jamie and Britney talk nearly every day, sometimes more than once. The star has the freedom to do whatever she wants, however, her father has it so she's continuously accompanied by security guards. If she tried to go to a liquor store, for example, security would stop her.

Moreover, she's not allowed to use smartphones either, possibly to avoid what's being said about her on social media. Jamie's fear is that someone strange will try and get into contact with her, someone with nefarious and malevolent motives.

As it was noted above, social media began their "#FreeBritney" movement following the news of her entrance into a mental health facility. The conspiracy theory is that Jamie has Britney under his thumb, and essentially holds her against her will.

When the reporters amped up and speculation proliferated, Britney took to her Instagram to dispell the rumors, saying that she wasn't being held captive and would appreciate it if fans could respect her privacy for once.

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