Britney Spears Shares A White Rose And Says 'God Bless You All'

Britney Spears Shares A White Rose And Says 'God Bless You All'
Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears is sharing a beautiful message with her fans this weekend. On Sunday morning, her fans were delighted to see that the singer shared a beautiful white rose with the simple words: God bless you all, on her official Instagram account, where she has 23.4 million Instagram followers. Fans have been worried about Britney's emotional well being after she had a tumultuous time in 2019. She ended her Las Vegas residency and let her fans know that she needed to take time to reflect on her life and entered rehab for her emotional health after her father became sick.

Her custody of her children with ex-husband Kevin Federline was re-negotiated and then there was a domestic dispute involving her father and son. It's unclear how often Britney is able to spend time with her kids but since the change was made she stopped sharing photos of her sons on her Instagram page.

Britney recently made a post about haters who were leaving her negative comments on her Instagram account and causing her so much distress she expressed that sometimes she didn't feel like staying in touch online anymore. Her true fans were devastated and encouraged her to stay online. They want Britney to know that they support her regardless of what other people may do or say and they just want her to be happy.

Britney Spears loves to commune with nature and she is an avid yoga practitioner. She frequently shares photos and videos that focus on nature.

You may see the beautiful white, rose that she shared on her Instagram account along with the caption God bless you, below.

Britney has also spent a great deal of time with her boyfriend Sam Asghari who is also her personal trainer. She and Sam engage in couples yoga and many of the videos that Britney has posted about the two working out together have gone viral.

Fans have wondered if Britney Spears and Sam Asghari would walk down the aisle but at this point, it seems the two are content with keeping things the way they are. Britney has a lot going on in her life, but she is taking time to focus on the things that matter, and making her spirituality a priority.

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