Britney Spears Reportedly Is Enjoying Her New Conservatorship Following Jamie's Departure

Britney Spears Reportedly Is Enjoying Her New Conservatorship Following Jamie's Departure
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According to a report from, Britney Spears is doing well following the change of her conservatorship amid news of her increasing familial drama. When reporters from The Daily Mail caught up with Britney's mother, Lynne Spears, on Wednesday, while at the Los Angeles airport, Lynne shared her opinion on Britney's current situation.

The 64-year-old, for the most part, stayed relatively silent on Britney's circumstances, however, she did say that Britney was "happy" when journalists asked her about it. This news comes just one day after Britney's conservatorship was under review in LA.

People Magazine confirmed that the judge granted a motion to seal the court transcripts following Britney and her father's lawyers request to keep much of the information out of the hands of media journalists. Any of the medical information and other personal details have been kept away from the public.

Reported first by the LA Times, the outcome of Wednesday's two-hour hearing are - for the most part - unknown, however, it was recently revealed that Jamie had stepped down as Britney's primary care-taker and conservator.

Last week, multiple outlets confirmed that the judge approved Jodi Montgomery to take over Jamie's duties. She was given the same powers and authority that Britney's 67-year-old father had.

An insider who spoke with the outlet claimed Jamie had voluntarily chosen to step down after Kevin Federline filed a police report claiming that Jamie abused their 14-year-old son, Preston.

On Tuesday, the Ventura County DA's Office claimed there wasn't enough proof to lay charges on Britney's father, stating there was "insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed." Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline's lawyer, claims Kevin's 13-year-old son was there during the fight between Jamie and Sean on the 24th of August.

The Blast reported that Jamie "violently shook" Britney and Kevin's son after busting down a bedroom door. After the purported altercation, Jamie chose to relieve himself from his conservatorship duties.

Another source who spoke to People Magazine claimed Jamie is choosing to "focus on his health" instead of his former role as a conservator.

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