Britney Spears Puts On Instagram Fashion Show For Fans

Britney Spears Puts On Instagram Fashion Show For Fans
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With the COVID-19 spreading around the United States at an unprecedented rate (although, it could be due to increased testing), a lot of people, including celebrities, don't have as many places they can go and hang out anymore.

Britney Spears is no exception. Page Six recently picked up on an Instagram post from the pop star in which she tried on several colorful outfits while staying in her home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Spears wrote in the caption of the video that she was bored at home and decided to model all the dresses she owns.

Spears claimed she was "tired of being still," so she put on an orange dress and started dancing around in her room. Britney added that she learned something special about the color orange, which is that it symbolizes a number of different qualities and attributes.

Chief among them include happiness, fun, stimulation, success, wealth, and many others, the pop-star explained. She added that she felt all of its qualities the moment she put it on. You can check out one of the star's posts below:

In recent news, Britney took heat on social media for posting similar snaps of the same outfit on the social sharing platform. Each snap was of her wearing the same swimsuit. The singer-songwriter went on to say that hard times such as the ones we're in should "really teach us to be nice to one another."

Earlier this week, Britney also laid out some of her political attitudes and beliefs for all to see. The pop star shared a social media post espousing collectivist/socialist ideas, including the promotion of the "redistribution of wealth."

While her post was probably well-intentioned and coming from the right place, some of her social media followers said to her that if she was serious about it, she would give away much of her fortune. Fans of the pop star should know, however, that she doesn't even control her massive fortune.

Following her public breakdown in the mid to late 2000s, her father took control of her estate through a conservatorship.

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