Britney Spears Praises The Healing Power Of The Ocean — Shares A Photo Of Herself Doing Straddle Splits In Yoga Studio

Britney Spears Praises The Healing Power Of The Ocean — Shares A Photo Of Herself Doing Straddle Splits In Yoga Studio
Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears is continuing to work on her emotional health and well being and the Grammy-wining singer has found that spending time by the ocean is just what the doctor ordered. It's a good thing she lives in LA, but Britney has found that the Hawaiian lifestyle is more therapeutic than California's beaches.

Sharing a photo of herself with her more than 22 million Instagram followers, Britney radiated joy, peace, and contentment as she sat on a tree against a backdrop of the turquoise-blue ocean.

Britney shared the following caption along with the picturesque photo.

"Nothing heals more than the ocean 🌊 I always feel so alive when I see the ocean 🌊 in Maui .... it’s literally turquoise ... it’s unbelievable !!! This pic does not do justice at all for I saw there. In a world where we are all subjected to cell phones and devices .... we get hung up on screens instead of Mother Nature and listening to her. Mother Nature is everything. I find her everytime I go to this magical place ..... here I know there is more."

You may see the photo Britney shared on her Instagram account below.

The ocean isn't the only way Britney is reclaiming her health and well-being. While in Maui, Britney found a yoga studio where she has been able to enjoy stretching and yoga. Britney said that though she had been enjoying a lot of yoga in the past year, she prefers dancing.

Britney explained she started off with some yoga sets but changed things up and finished her session with dancing, stretching and doing splits.

Britney snapped a photo of herself with her legs outstretched as she did the straddle splits. Though Britney is taking a hiatus from performing, she's been working on her fitness and continues to ensure she stays in shape.

You may see the photo that Britney Spears shared as she did the straddle splits below.

Britney's had a tumultuous year. After taking a break from her Las Vegas residency due to her father's health, she spent time in rehab as she needed to readjust her medication.

Britney's conservatorship has been under scrutiny and a judge recently ruled in favor of her father remaining in charge of Britney's care.

What do you think of Britney's ode to the ocean?

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