Britney Spears Posts Photo Of Herself On Sam Asghari's Shoulders At The Coast, But Fans Say It's Not Her — 'It's Britney, Beach'

Britney Spears Posts Photo Of Herself On Sam Asghari's Shoulders At The Coast, But Fans Say It's Not Her — 'It's Britney, Beach'
Credit: Source: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears is sharing photos and videos of herself with her boyfriend Sam Asghari on her official Instagram page only fans don't believe it is really her. In her latest photo that Britney shared with her 26.6 million followers, Britney could be seen at the beach with Sam, riding on his shoulders. Fans were quick to point out that Britney's hair was covering her face and many felt that was an indicator that it really wasn't Britney at all. This prompted people who believed it truly was Britney to respond with, "It's Britney, Beach!"

As Britney continues to fight for more freedom regarding her conservatorship, her fans are growing increasingly worried about her safety. Some question if she is truly the one posting photos on her social media pages. Others question her relationship with her boyfriend Sam Asghari . Some are even accusing him of being her handler! It seems the majority of Britney's fans are questioning everyone within Britney's inner circle in regards to their intentions and motivations for being involved with Britney.

Though it is common knowledge that Britney's fans question if she is the one posting on her social media pages, they now have another question. Is it actually Britney Spears in the photo?

Many fans do not believe that Britney Spears is the person on Sam Asghari's shoulders and they think the photo has been staged. Since Britney's face is shielded from view, there is nothing to prove that they are wrong with their suspicions. Needless to say, Britney's fans are extremely worried for her safety.

In addition to people questioning who was actually in the photo, Britney's fans also want details regarding who took the photo as you can see the shadow of a man holding a camera aimed at the couple. You may see the photo along with all of the comments from concerned fans below.

What do you think about the concerns Britney's fans are freely expressing on her social media pages? Do you think that is Britney Spears in the photo?

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