Britney Spears Is Ready To Marry Boy Toy Sam Asghari, Claims Source

Britney Spears Is Ready To Marry Boy Toy Sam Asghari, Claims Source

Britney Spears is ready to walk down the aisle once again!

According to new reports, the pop star wants to make it as official as possible with her boy toy, Sam Asghari.

Sources say that the 35 years old singer wants to be the man and propose to her 23 years old boyfriend and they will get married before she leaves Las Vegas at the end of the year.

Britney has been married twice before but both ended in disaster.

“Since Sam would be spending her money, Britney is buying her own engagement ring,” one insider stated. “The wedding will be butterfly-themed, and monarchs will be released when they exchange vows.”

As fans may remember, Spears met her future husband on the set of her music video, Slumber Party, in which he played the love interest. He was also one of the backup dancers. With that being said, the insider also claims that they are choreographing their first dance and it is meant to tell the story of how they first met.

It seems like even though the date is still a mystery, the guest list is huge!

According to the insider, she wants to invite her entire Vegas squad, as well as her staff and dancers in addition to her close friends and family.

The source added that the bachelorette party will be mostly organized by Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn and it will take place in her backyard. There is going to be fat-freezing treatments and teeth whitening aside from the traditional male strippers!

Do you think the sources are telling the truth and Britney Spears is ready to try once again with Sam Asghari? Is he the right man for her?

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  • Jane
    Jane Apr 20, 2017 6:12 PM PDT

    I knew she had some extra cosmetic work done to look so thin and sculpted

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