Britney Spears Is Ready To Have A Baby With Boyfriend Sam Asghari, But Her Conservatorship Is A Problem

Britney Spears Is Ready To Have A Baby With Boyfriend Sam Asghari, But Her Conservatorship Is A Problem
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Britney Spears has been ready to have a baby with Sam Asghari for quite some time, but it appears that her conversatorship has presented a problem for the singer. According to a new report, Spears wanted to have a baby with Asghari last year, but her conservator wouldn’t allow it.

Last year, Spears went to court to challenge some of her conservatorship’s restrictions, and the judge in her case ordered an evaluation. Subsequently, an investigator was assigned to her case to find out the details of her current situation.

Us Weekly reports that Spears told the investigator late last year that she wanted to have a baby with Asghari, whom she has dated for three years. However, an insider claims that Britney’s dad Jamie Spears “has always been against Britney getting pregnant.”

Spears has been under a conservatorship since 2008 - after her highly-publicized breakdown - and for more than a decade her dad and lawyer Andrew Wallet were in control of all major financial and personal decisions.

However, in June 2019, Wallet resigned as co-conservator and turned the job over to Britney’s care manager, Jodi Montgomery. Later that summer, Jamie was involved in an incident with Britney’s oldest son Sean Preston that resulted in a restraining order, and by September Jamie was ready to step-down from the conservator role because of “personal health reasons.”

At the moment, Montgomery is Brittany’s only conservator and she will remain in that role until at least August. Recently, the judge in Brittany’s case decided that they couldn’t have a court hearing due to Covid-19, so he extended Montgomery’s temporary role as conservator until at least August 22, and they will revisit the issue when the pandemic passes and courts are back in session.

As for her relationship, Britney Spears seems to be ready to marry Sam Asghari and start a family with him. Multiple sources have claimed since they started dating in late 2016 that Spears has talked about marrying Asghari and “having babies” with him.

However, she can’t do any of those things “unless Jamie approves it, and Jamie is inclined not to because it would only [create complicated] legal issues.” Even though Jamie Spears does have power over all of Britney’s major decisions, one source noted that he doesn’t “micromanage her daily routine.”

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