Britney Spears Has Been Spending Time In Self-Isolation To Protect Her Family

Britney Spears Has Been Spending Time In Self-Isolation To Protect Her Family
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Even though Britney Spears is a family person, she isn't afraid to do what's necessary to thwart the spread of the coronavirus, even if it means spending time away from her friends and family.

A source who spoke with E! Online in recent news stated that Britney was spending two weeks in self-isolation after returning home from a trip. The insider shared that Britney wanted to make sure her boyfriend and her children were safe, so she spent some time behind closed doors.

Fans of the 38-year-old pop-star know that she has two sons, Sean Federline and Jayden James Federline, who are 14, and 13 respectively. These days, she's dating a new man, however, Sam Asghari, who's a personal trainer.

According to the source, when Britney returned from her trip to Kentwood, she began her period of self-isolation to keep her family safe, even though she desperately wanted to see everybody and enjoy quarantine time with her loved ones.

Reportedly, the pop star hasn't seen her kids for approximately 2 weeks. CDC guidelines recommend that anyone who goes on a trip must come back to their home and quarantine for at least fourteen days, just in case they contracted the coronavirus and don't even know it.

On the other hand, Jamie Lynn Spears recently explained that the pop-star visited her family when the pandemic first started kicking off in the United States. Jamie said to E! News host, Erin Lim, this past week that her sister came at the beginning of it because no one knew how long it was going to last.

Near the ending of April, the "Toxic" singer explained that she and her boyfriend were spending some time apart on account of her trip to Louisiana. On her account, Britney shared that she hadn't spoken with her boyfriend in what she described as a "lifetime."

As for how they've been keeping in touch, the source shared to E! News that they've been using FaceTime a lot these days. In other news, Britney recently tried to get her conservatorship eased in which her father has control over certain aspects of her life.

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