Britney Spears’ Fans Think She Is Being Held Against Her Will At Mental Health Facility But Why?

Britney Spears’ Fans Think She Is Being Held Against Her Will At Mental Health Facility But Why?
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Britney Spears' fans are concerned for her safety and believe she is being held against her will at a mental health facility. There is so much speculation as to what is truly going on with the singer, her incredibly supportive fans have started #FreeBritney to get the word out.

The new hashtag has spread like wildfire on social media but what started the sudden concern for the pop star? Well, there are a couple of things, which were all discussed on Britney's Gram, a podcast devoted to the singer. One is Lynne Spears, Brti Brit's mom, posted a cryptic message on social media on Tuesday and many think it is about her famous daughter.

"I really hope you are supporting Britney in trying to end this conservatorship. I really hope your ailing ex-husband isn't keeping your daughter somewhere against her will," responded one user.

It wasn't the comment that got fans in an uproar but rather Lynne liking the comment, prompting a fan frenzy remarked the hosts of Britney's Gram.

Another reason for the "Free Britney" movement is thanks to a voicemail played recently on the podcast. It was from an unnamed source claiming to be a former member of the blonde bombshell’s team. In the voicemail, the person exclaims the rumors Spears is being held against her will are true.

Ironically one red flag has to do with reports the 'Circus' singer checked herself into the mental health facility. Since she has had a conservator for over a decade , Spears allegedly has very little control over her own actions, including seeking treatment without consent. It is causing concern with fans as to whether or not the 37-year-old would even have the power to admit herself for help.

"Britney's own business manager Lou Taylor are deleting, blocking and ignoring all comments involving Britney," exclaimed the hosts of the podcast, adding fuel to the fire.

Representatives for Britney Spears have not commented on fans concern for her well-being or the trending hashtag ##FreeBritney. Their lack of response is doing very little to sway fans from worrying about their favorite pop singer.

Several comments on the podcast's posts include people not only showing their support but also insisting there has always been a concern for abuse when it comes to Spears team.

Britney Spears is currently in a 30-day facility working on getting better after being physically and mentally distraught over the father Jamie's illness. Until she speaks out or her team releases a statement fans are going to continue to be worried.

What do you think is going on with Spears? Are fans being crazy or is there a legitimate cause for concern?

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