Britney Spears' Fans Praise Her For Being Authentic And Encourage Her To Ignore The Haters

Britney Spears' Fans Praise Her For Being Authentic And Encourage Her To Ignore The Haters
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It seems ages ago when a young Chris Crocker went viral for begging people to leave Britney alone. Fast-forward to 2020 and her fans are still echoing the same call. Only now, Britney is stronger, she's less vulnerable to the attacks from cyberbullies, and she has her knight in shining armor, Sam Asghari, by her side fighting off the trolls for her. Britney doesn't respond to the hateful words and comments in anger. If she does respond, it is to let people know that the cruel things people say create negativity in her life and will only keep her from sharing with her fans. But she never gets angry at them, never curses them out or tells them off (like Cardi B is a pro at) and most times quotes a Bible verse and speaks about love to them. Still, the cruel words and taunts continue but for everyone who brings hate to Britney's timeline, she has ten times (if not 100 times) more fans who are there to support the 38-year-old mother of two.

Britney was once again met with negative comments when she shared a video of herself receiving a mixed-color, bouquets of flowers that brought her so much happiness, she put on her favorite, yellow-floral crop top and showed off the flowers. She walked back and forth showing off her bright smile but still, the hateful comments came.

One of Britney's fans; however, stepped in and delivered a message to Britney and thanked her for being authentic, real, and herself. Britney has even stated that she doesn't edit or use filters on her photos so oftentimes, people respond to her makeup not looking perfect — when the fact is that's because it's real.

Britney's fan stated the following in a sweet post to the "Toxic" singer.

Brittany..can I just say something please.. I wanna thank you for being who you are. For being real. For being your authentic self. You dance around, you do what many of us do anyway when the cameras are not rolling. Thank you, this is truly refreshing to see that you do not fake it on for the gram and pretend to be somebody you are not. Thank you because you are giving me and many other the permission to also just be our true selves. Keep shining Queen Brit

What do you think about Britney Spears' fan's sweet post? You may see other fans' comments to Britney on her Instagram post.

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